British Bomb, 8000 lb HC, Mk 1, Mk 2




The bomb consists of two cylindrical sections, each approximately 4 ft. long and 3 ft. 2 in. in diameter, connected together by bolts. The front section has a domed nose plate welded to the body, and houses three exploder containers. A fiat closing plate at the rear is bolted to an end ring, which is fitted with assembly bolts for connecting the two sections. An additional exploder container is fitted into a central bush in the rear closing plate. The rear section is closed at each end by plates. The forward plate is welded to a channel ring having holes circumferentially located to receive the assembly bolts of the forward section. The exploder container fits into the forward closing plate of the rear section. Central exploder tubes extend through both sections. Joining rings are cast in the Mk I and fabricated by welding in the Bomb Mk II.

The Tail No. 33 Mk I consists of a hollow steel-plate cylinder open at the after end, with an angle ring welded or riveted in its forward end. The angle ring is drilled to take the assembly bolts of the rear body section for attaching the tail. Hand clearance holes give access to the assembly bolts during assembling of the tail to the bomb.

The Tail No. 52 Mk I has a cone with hand holes for access to the securing bolts, and a cylindrical strut attached to the cone by six fins which are welded to both the strut and the cone.

The bomb is suspended by a single suspension lug, secured by four bolts to steel block pads on the channel ring and immediately abaft the ring on the rear body section, 50 in. from the bomb nose. This point represents the center of gravity.

This bomb can be fitted with a cylindrical nose attachment, placed around the nose of the forward section and protruding, around the domed nose, to retard bomb in flight. This bomb is not composed of two regular 4,000 lb HC bombs, but of sections weighing approximately 4,000 lb, designed especially for it.

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OP 1665, British Explosive Ordnance (1946)