US Bomb, 90 lb Frag, M82




The 90-pound frag bomb M82 is constructed of a spirally wound steel bar. A seamless steel inner tube forms the base for the outer-wound steel bar, and a box-type fin assembly is attached to the tapered aft end by a fin lock nut. The bomb is designed for use in clusters or for single suspension. It has only one suspension lug welded to its casing. When adapted for single suspension, instantaneous or VT fuzes are used. Fitting of a mechanical time fuze is permitted with addition of an adapter-booster. Approximately 13 percent of the total weight of the complete assembly consists of explosive filler.

The bomb body, metal parts and filler for the 120 pound frag bomb M86 are identical to those of the M82 frag bomb. The difference is that the M86 has a parachute unit assembly instead of a fin assembly, and the bomb is fitted with a mechanical time fuze with the addition of an adapter-booster. The parachute unit retards the bomb during low-level attack bombing and provides a greater angle of impact.

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