US Bomb, Incendiary, Instructional, M1




This bomb simulates the magnesium type of incendiary bomb and is designed to give instructional methods in the handling of bombs whose basic composition is the magnesium body.

This bomb, 2 inches in diameter and 9 inches in length, is cylindrical in appearance and is constructed of an extruded length of magnesium alloy tubing. One end is closed by a tin cap held in place by an 8 inch length of waterproof adhesive tape 3/4 inch wide. The 1 inch diameter core is packed with the thermate igniting mixture to within 5/8 inch of its fuzing head. This remaining space is filled with the first fire charge to within 1/4 inch of the end of the bomb, at which point a metal closing disc is inserted and secured by a second 8 inch strip of waterproof adhesive tape. All fillings are subjected to a pressure of 5,500 pounds per square inch.

Three holes perforate the closing disc, one in the center, and two 3/8 inch off the center. An 8 inch length of safety fuse, one end of which has been treated with a mixture of collodion and black powder and rests within a depression of the first fire charge, passes through the center hole, carries up and back and is taped to the bomb. After the installation of the fuse, the rim of the center hole is sealed with cement and coated with quick drying shellac. The off-center holes of 1/4 inch diameter, serving as gas vents are covered with 3/8 inch squares of waterproof adhesive tape and coated with varnish shellac. A pull wire fuse lighter is taped to the bomb but not assembled to the fuse.

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