US Bomb, Incendiary, Instructional, M2




This bomb simulates the thermate type of incendiary bomb and is designed to give instructional methods in the handling of bombs whose basic composition is the thermate igniting mixture and steel body.

Only instructional substances and in minor details does this thermate bomb differ especially from the  magnesium type. It is 9 inches in length, but its body has a diameter of only 1/2 inches and is constituted of steel tubing 0.04 inch thick. One end is closed by a tin plate, friction fitted and soldered, the other by a similarly soldered plate containing a center fuze hole and three vent holes equally spaced around the center. The body filling consists of thermate capped by a first fire charge. A 6-inch powder timetrain fuse tipped with a collodion and black powder mixture is assembled in the same manner as in the Ml Bomb. The vent holes are taped; both they and the run of the fuze holes are treated with commercial liquid solder to insure waterproofing. A pull wire fuse lighter is taped to the bomb but not assembled to the fuse.

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