US Cartridge, 105mm APDS-T, M392, M392A2




This cartridge is a hypervelocity armorpiercing type with discarding sabot, intended for use in 105mm guns against armored targets.

The projectile consists of a sheathed tungsten carbide core with tracer and a sabot. The core, which is the armor-piercing element, is carried within the sheath with the sabot assembled on the exterior surface. A plastic band is positioned on the outside diameter of the sabot at the forward end. A fiber rotating band and a rubber obturator are assembled on the outside diameter near the base of the sabot. The igniter tube of the electric primer extends almost the entire length of the propellant loosely packed in the cartridge case.

The M392 is of United Kingdom manufacture and bears the U.K. designation of L36A1. The M392 is fitted with U.K. L4A1 or L4A2 primer.

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