US Cartridge, 105mm APERS-T, XM494E3




This cartridge is designed for close-in defense against massed infantry assaults and for offense against exposed enemy personnel. It has a secondary capability against light armor and low-flying aircraft.

The complete round consists of three major assemblies: the projectile, the cartridge case and the fuze.

(1) The projectile consists of an aluminum body and a hollow steel base. The forward end of the body is fitted with a fuze adapter containing four Detonators XM86, a Relay M7 and Detonator XM87 assembly, and a flash tube. The flash tube extends from the fuze adapter to the projectile base. The body of the projectile contains 5,000, 13-grain, steel flechettes and a yellow-dye marker. The base of the projectile contains an expelling charge of flake propellant and a tracer.

(2) Cartridge Case M150B1, containing 9.2 pounds of multi perforated propellant, is crimped to the projectile. The cartridge case is fitted at the base with an electric primer.

(3) An MT fuze with muzzle action capability is used with this cartridge.

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Collaborative Ordnance Data Repository

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TM 9-1385-51, Ammunition (Conventional) for Explosive Ordnance Disposal (1967)