US Cartridge, 105mm APFSDS-T, M900




This is a kinetic energy, armor-piercing antitank round intended for use with the 105mm, M68 series gun mounted on M1 tanks only.

The M900 is a U.S. designed and developed 105mm APFSDS-T cartridge. The complete round contains a propulsion system consisting of an M148A1B1 steel cartridge case, an M43 LOVA propellant, an M128 primer, and a gun tube wear-reducing titanium dioxide liner which is assembled to the interior wall of the cartridge case. The projectile portion of the round consists of a subprojectile and a sabot. The subprojectile is made up of monolithic depleted uranium core, which is fitted with an aluminum windshield, a steel tip, and an aluminum fin assembly. The sabot is comprised of three 120° aluminum sections which are assembled around the subprojectile. A steel bourrelet, containing three shear cuts, is screwed to the sabot forward face. A nylon obturator and polypropylene seal is assembled around the sabot, and a silicone rubber seal is applied over the rear face of the sabot. An M13 tracer is assembled to the fin and is held in place by a threaded plug and disc assembly.

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Collaborative Ordnance Data Repository

TM 43-0001-28, Artillery Ammunition (chg 11, 2003)