US Cartridge, 105mm Chemical, M60 (T4E1)




The M60 was used with M2A1, M2A2, M4, M4A1, and M49 howitzers to disperse a casualty-producing agent for use against enemy personnel.

This round was assembled with the M60 smoke shell which resembled the HE shell in outward appearance. The body was one inch shorter than the HE projectile, but the adapter that was necessary to hold the burster brings the length to the same as the HE. The projectile was boat-tailed and the nose was ogival and threaded to take an adapter. The adapter served three purposes: it provided a tight seal for chemical agent contents of the projectile; it held the fuze and booster; and it provided a seat for the forward end of the burster, which was a thin walled steel tube that extended from the adapter to the rear of the shell cavity. The projectile had no base plate.

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