US Cartridge, 105mm Dummy, M14




This cartridge is completely inert, and is used for training gun crews in handling and loading 105-mm howitzers.

The cartridge consists of a hollow dummy projectile loosely seated in a manganese bronze sleeve fitted at the mouth of a dummy cartridge case. The projectile is hollow malleable iron or bronze. A dummy PD fuze is screwed into the internal threading at the nose of the projectile. The projectile has an open base to facilitate extraction from the weapon. The cartridge case is a cadmium plated steel tube with a female thread in the base. A steel or malleable iron base containing an inert primer is threaded into the base of the cartridge case. The cartridge case contains a dummy propelling charge consisting of a base charge and six increments. The base charge is secured by twine or snaps on a sash chain to two eyebolts screwed into the base. The six additional increments are secured to the base charge by twine or snaps on a sash chain.

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