US Cartridge, 105mm HE, M1




The projectile of this cartridge contains high explosive and is used for fragmentation, blast, and mining in support of ground troops and armored columns.

The projectile consists of a hollow steel forging with a boattail base, a streamlined ogive, and gilding metal rotating band. A base cover is welded to the base of the projectile for added protection against the entrance of hot gases from the propelling charge during firing. The high explosive (HE) filler within the projectile may be either cast TNT or Composition B. A fuze cavity is either drilled or formed in the filler at the nose end of the projectile. This cavity may be either shallow or deep. A cavity liner, to preclude dusting of HE during transportation and handling, is seated in the cavity and expanded into the lower projectile fuze threads. A supplementary charge is placed in the fuze cavity of projectiles having deep cavities. Projectiles with shallow cavities or deep cavities containing a supplementary charge use only short intrusion fuzes, PD, or MT. Those with deep cavities will accept the long intrusion proximity fuze after removing the supplementary charge. Projectiles may be shipped with a PD or MTSQ fuze or with a closing plug. When shipped with a closing plug, a chip board spacer is assembled between the supplementary charge and plug to limit movement of the former during transportation and handling.

The cartridge case contains a percussion primer assembly and seven individually bagged and numbered propelling charge increments. The base of the cartridge case is drilled and the primer assembly is pressed into the base. The percussion primer assembly consists of a percussion ignition element and a perforated flash tube containing black powder. The seven numbered increment bags are tied together, in numerical order, with acrylic cord. These are assembled into the cartridge case, around the primer flash tube, with Increment 1 at the base of the cartridge case and Increment 7 toward the mouth of the cartridge case.

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