US Cartridge, 105mm HE, M38, M38A1




The M38 Projectile is streamlined in shape and is of forged steel construction. It is adapted to take a fuze that continues this streamline effect. The rotating band on the shell is 1.42 inches wide. A base plate of steel is found welded on the base. A cavity large enough to hold 4 pounds of TNT as a bursting charge is also provided.

The M38A1 round is the same in every respect as the HE Round M38 discussed above, with one exception: The nose of the Projectile M38A1 is modified to receive an M43 series Mechanical Time Fuze in conjunction with the M20 Booster, while the M38 used the M2 MT Fuze.

The M38A1 Round may be found with an ammanol filler.

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