US Cartridge, 105mm HEAT-T, M456, M456A1, M456E1




This cartridge is a high-explosive antitank cartridge and is intended for use in 105mm guns against armored targets.

The steel body projectile is fitted with a plastic obturator, a threaded standoff spike assembly, a fin and boom assembly, and a point initiating base detonating fuze. A funnel shaped copper liner within the body shapes the explosive charge of Composition B. A piezoelectric element retained in a nose cap is fitted to the spike assembly, and is connected to the base detonating fuze in the body, The fin is threaded to receive a tracer.

The three models in the M456 series differ in the use of cartridge case liners. The M456A1 has a cloth liner coated on one side with a wax titanium dioxide admixture covered with Mylar film. The M456E1 has a similar liner without the Mylar film. The M456 has no liner. The M456A1 also differs from other models in the series in that all projectile bodies manufactured after August 1967 entirely enclose the fuze. Earlier M456A1 production, as well as all M456E1 and M456 models, are assembled with an aluminum chamber.

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