US Cartridge, 105mm HEP-T, M393, M393A1, M393A2




This cartridge is designed for use against armored targets, light materiel, and personnel.

The cartridge carries a payload of 6.6 pounds of Composition A3, a high-explosive plastic composition. The projectile is a thin-walled cylinder with a relatively short ogive and a flat base. The base of the projectile is fitted with a base-detonating (BD) fuze and a tracer. The projectile is assembled to a brass (or steel) cartridge case fitted with an electric primer and containing a bagged propelling charge.

The M393A1 differs from the M393A2 in that the M393A1 employs the BD fuze M534 while the M392A2 employs the BD fuze M578. The filler weight on the M393A1 is 0.3 pounds less.

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Collaborative Ordnance Data Repository

Collaborative Ordnance Data Repository

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