US Cartridge, 105mm HERA, M548




This cartridge is a high explosive, rocket assisted round with extended range capability used for fragmentation, blast and mining in support of ground troops and armored columns.

The projectile consists of two pieces, a streamlined warhead and rocket motor body of boattail design. The nose of the warhead is threaded for a fuze and the warhead is filled with cast Composition B having a deep cavity and supplementary charge. The rocket motor body contains the rocket grain and rocket ignition system, contained in a spike at the rear of the body. The spike housing ignition system is fitted with a cap. A sintered iron rotating band is swaged to the rocket motor body and the body threaded to the warhead to complete the projectile assembly The cartridge case contains a primer and five individually bagged and numbered propelling charge increments. The base of the cartridge case is drilled and a percussion primer assembly is pressed into the base. The percussion primer assembly consists of a percussion ignition element and a perforated flash tube containing benite. The five numbered increment bags are tied together, in numerical order, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 with acrylic cord. These are assembled into the cartridge case, around the primer flash tube, with Increment 3 at the base of the cartridge case and Increment 7 toward the mouth of the cartridge case.

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