US Cartridge, 105mm HERA, M913




This cartridge is a high explosive, rocket assisted round with extended range capability used for fragmentation, blast and mining support of ground troops and armored columns.

The projectile consists of two pieces, a streamlined warhead and rocket motor body of boattail design. The nose of the warhead is threaded for a fuze  and the warhead is filled with TNT having a deep cavity and supplementary charge. The rocket motor body contains the rocket grain and delay ignition system, contained at the rear of the body. The delay ignition system is fitted with a cap. A copper rotating band is welded to the rocket motor body. The body is threaded to the warhead to complete the projectile assembly The cartridge case contains a primer and a single bag propelling charge with a flash reducer. The base of the cartridge case is drilled and a percussion primer assembly is pressed into the base. The percussion primer assembly consists of a percussion ignition element and a perforated flash tube containing black powder.

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