US Cartridge, 105mm Illuminating, M314A3




This cartridge is intended for signaling or for illuminating a designated area.

The projectile is a hollow steel forging with a streamlined ogive, a gilding metal rotating band, and a pinned base plug. The projectile is assembled with an MT or MTSQ fuze screwed into the nose. The projectile cavity contains an expelling charge, illuminating canister, and parachute assembly. The expelling charge consists of 0.18 lb of black powder contained in a sealed plastic holder. The illuminating canister body contains the illuminant and 0.15 lb of first fire composition.

The illuminating canister body is fitted with anti-rotational brakes. The parachute assembly is attached to the illuminating canister body. The base plug is inserted into the opening at the base of the projectile and held in place by three shear pins and three twist pins. The complete projectile assembly is free fitted to a cartridge case. The cartridge case contains a percussion primer assembly and seven individually bagged and numbered propelling charge increments. The base of the cartridge case is drilled and the primer assembly is pressed into the base. The percussion primer assembly consists of a percussion ignition element and a perforated flash tube containing black powder. The seven numbered increment bags are tied together, in numerical order, with acrylic cord. These are assembled into the cartridge case, around the primer flash tube, with Increment 1 at the base of the cartridge case and Increment 7 toward the mouth of the cartridge case.

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Collaborative Ordnance Data Repository

TM 43-0001-28, Artillery Ammunition (chg 11, 2003)