US Cartridge, 105mm Smoke WP, M325




Smoke (WP) cartridge M325 is used for screening and spotting with limited incendiary effect.

This cartridge is composed of a steel projectile filled with 4.06 pounds of white phosphorus. The nose of the projectile is fitted with a steel adapter which performs two major functions: it provides a surface for sealing the filler cavity by press fit of burster casing M5, and it provides a fuze well for assembly of the PD fuze. Burster charge M5, which contains 3.6 ounces of tetrytol is assembled in burster casing M5. The projectile has a pre-engraved gilding metal rotating band near the base and two indexing buttons on the forward bourrelet. The projectile is crimped to a perforated steel cartridge case. The cartridge case contains a plastic and rayon liner and a press-fitted percussion primer.

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TM 9-1300-203, Artillery Ammunition (1967)