US Cartridge, 105mm TPCSDS-T, DM128 (Patrone, 105mm DM128)




This cartridge is a kinetic energy, target practice round for use in the 105mm, M68 cannon. It is designed to provide duplication of the service rounds (M735, M774 and M833) characteristics at reduced maximum ranges to allow practice firings on short-range proving grounds and training areas. This cartridge was developed and is produced by West Germany and procured by the United States on a limited basis.

The projectile consists of a subprojectile and sabot. The subprojectile is made up of a one piece steel core with an aluminum tail cone assembly which is assembled to the sabot by means of threads. The tail cone has nine holes and in conjunction with the cone provides stabilization. The tail cone assembly also contains a tracer. The aluminum sabot is comprised of three 120 degree noninterchangeable segments with internal screw threads which match those on the outer diameter of the subprojectile. The sabot has a silicon rubber seal at the rear to prevent gas leakage. The projectile is crimped to a DM60 brass cartridge case, which holds approximately 13.2 pounds of LV-1900B propellant, and is fitted with a DM82A1 electric primer. A gun tube wear reducing titanium dioxide liner is assembled to the interior wall of the cartridge case.

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Collaborative Ordnance Data Repository

TM 43-0001-28, Artillery Ammunition (chg 11, 2003)