US Cartridge, 106mm HEAT, M344, M344A1




This is a percussion primed fixed cartridge with a fin stabilized high explosive antitank (HEAT) projectile. The projectile incorporates a setback armed, point initiating base detonating (PIBD) fuze containing a piezoelectric (Lucky) crystal and an electric detonator. The M509 series fuzes are impact fired. The 530 series fuzes are impact or impact inertia fired. The projectile is used in antimaterial, armor defeating roles.

Some cartridge cases have a recessed circular groove around the primer, others have a projectile with a groove around the nose cap. The cartridge case is perforated, and contains a liner sealing the perforations. The ogive is threaded onto the forward end of the projectile body. A bourrelet is on each end of the projectile body. The six fins are folded inside the cartridge case; upon firing, they are extended and locked in position.

The projectile is painted black or olive drab. The markings are stenciled in yellow. The cartridge case is painted with a brown varnish. The lot number, year of manufacture, caliber, and cartridge model are stamped into the projectile body.

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