US Cartridge, 120mm APFSDS-T, M829




This cartridge is a kinetic energy, armor piercing antitank round intended for use with the 120mm smooth bore M256 cannon.

The M829 is the United States design developed 120mm APFSDS-T cartridge. The complete round contains a propulsion system consisting of a metal cartridge case base with combustible sidewall, granular propellant within a containment device to prevent spillage, and M125 primer. The projectile consists of the subprojectile and aluminum sabot. The DU penetrator is a one-piece design which is assembled into the sabot by means of grooves. There is a six-bladed aluminum fin with tracer assembly fitted to the rear of the subprojectile and a windshield fitted to the front. The aluminum sabot is composed of four 90 degree noninterchangeable segments with internal grooves matching those on the outer diameter of the subprojectile. The sabot has a silicone rubber seal at the rear to prevent leakage of gas.

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Collaborative Ordnance Data Repository

TM 43-0001-28, Artillery Ammunition (chg 11, 2003)