US Cartridge, 120mm APFSDS-T, M829A2




The M829A2 cartridge is a kinetic energy, armor-piercing, fin-stabilized, discarding sabot, fixed round with tracer (APFSDS-T). This antitank round is intended for use in the M256 smooth bore gun and is designed to provide terminal effectiveness over the M829A1 cartridge.

The M829A2 is a U.S. design developed 120mm APFSDS-T cartridge. The complete round contains a propulsion/ignition system and an inert projectile which is similar to the M829A1. The propulsion/ignition system consists of a combustible cartridge case with a metal cartridge case base, granular and stick propellant, and an M129 electric primer. The subprojectile assembly consists of a depleted uranium penetrator, with windshield and windshield tip fitted to the front, and a six-bladed aluminum fin and tracer assembly fitted to the rear. The projectile consists of the subprojectile combined with a sabot, an obturator and a silicone seal. The sabot is composed of three 120 degree noninterchangeable segments with internal grooves matching those on the outer surface of the penetrator. The sabot has a silicone rubber seal at the rear to prevent leakage of propellant gases. A nylon obturator is used to prevent propellant gases from leaking around the outside of the sabot.

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Collaborative Ordnance Data Repository

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