US Cartridge, 120mm HEAT-T-MP, M830




This cartridge is a high explosive multipurpose cartridge which has antiarmor and antipersonnel capabilities. The cartridge is fired from the 120mm smooth bore M256 cannon.

The M830 HEAT-MP-T, 120mm cartridge is a direct translation of the German DM12A1 round with the exception that a United States design fuze system and explosive (Composition A3, Type 11) is used.

The 120mm HEAT-MP-T M830 is a high explosive round having both antiarmor and antipersonnel capabilities. The round consists of a steel body loaded with explosives surrounding a copper shaped charge liner and wave shaper. The projectile embodies a steel spike with a shoulder and nose switching mechanism for full frontal area functioning and graze impact which initiates a base detonating fuze. The fuze is located at the rear of the projectile body. The projectile body has a copper obturator, boom and fin assembly for flight stabilization. The fin contains a tracer for projectile to target visual tracking.

The propellant system utilizes a metal cartridge case base with a rubber obturator at the stub case mouth, M123A1 Primer, and a combustible wall which encapsulates stick propellant within six containment devices to prevent spillage should breakage or separation occur.

The weight of the complete cartridge is approximately 53.4 pounds (24.2 kg) with the approximate weight of the projectile being 30 pounds (13.1 kg).

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