US Cartridge, 120mm TPCSDS-T, M865




This cartridge is a kinetic energy, target practice round for use with the 120mm smooth bore M256 cannon. It is designed to simulate the service round characteristics at reduced maximum ranges to allow practice firings on short range proving grounds and training areas.

The cartridge, 120mm, TPCSDS-T, M865 contains a propulsion system consisting of a stub metal case with combustible sidewall, granular propellant, and electric M125 primer, while the projectile consists of subprojectile and aluminum sabot. The core is a one-piece steel design with a tail cone assembly which is assembled into the sabot by means of threads. The tail cone contains nine holes, or six slots, which in conjunction with the conical shape provide stabilization. Reduced range is achieved by the aerodynamic blocking effect of the holes, or slots. The tail cone assembly also contains a tracer. The aluminum sabot is composed of three 120° noninterchangeable segments with internal screw threads matching those on the outer diameter of the subprojectile. The sabot has a silicone rubber seal at the rear to prevent gas leakage.

The weight of the complete cartridge is approximately 19.0 kg (41.9 lb) and the weight of the subprojectile is approximately 3.2 kg (7.1 lb).

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TM 43-0001-28, Artillery Ammunition (chg 11, 2003)