US Cartridge, 152mm Canister, M625, M625A1, XM625




These canister cartridges are used in 152mm gun-launchers and are intended primarily for antipersonnel use at close range. The cartridges are effective in dense foliage.

The canister-type projectile for M625 and M625A1 cartridges consists of an aluminum base and body threaded together. Four axial grooves, 90 degrees apart, extend from the forward end of the body for approximately 3/4 of its length. The body contains steel flechettes loaded in five separate bays. The bay assemblies are secured by a closing cup crimped over the forward end of the body. A bleed hole in the base of the projectile allows propellant gases to build up internal pressure in the body to facilitate breakup. The cartridge case is a two-piece assembly of base and body made of high-density felt nitrocellulose, inert fibers, and resin. The cylindrical body of the M205 case containing a bagged propelling charge is attached to the projectile by a steel mounting ring and aluminum locking ring. The base houses the electrical ignition element and is cemented to the body with a special nitrocellulose lacquer.

Canister M625A1 and M625 are identical except for the cartridge case, which is more vulnerable to fracture on impact in M625. M625 has a different ignition element and the method of attachment of the cartridge case to the projectile is not the same.

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