US Cartridge, 152mm HE-T, M657, XM657E2




This fixed ammunition cartridge is a high explosive round for 152mm gun launchers, employed against light materiel and personnel.

The complete round consists of a one piece, forged steel projectile loaded with high explosive assembled to a nonmetallic cartridge case. The projectile is fitted at the nose with a point detonating (PD) fuze and at the base with a tracer adapter. The adapter is threaded to the projectile base, and is designed to secure the projectile to the cartridge case as well as to hold the tracer. A gilding metal rotating hand encircles the projectile 1-3/4 inches f’orward of the base. Cartridge Case M157 used with this round is a two-piece assembly of base and body, manufactured from nitrocellulose and relatively vulnerable to fracture from impact. The cylindrical body, containing the bagged propelling charge, is attached to the projectile by epoxy resin and a case locking ring, secured by the projectile base adapter. The base of the cartridge case houses the electric primer initiator. The primer tube is of nitrocellulose and contains a black powder charge.

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