US Cartridge, 152mm HEAT-T-MP, M409, M409A1, M409A2




This cartridge is fired from 152mm gun launchers primarily as an armor defeating round with additional antipersonnel capability.

The projectile consists of a forged steel body fitted with a steel windshield and a fluted copper cone liner to shape the high explosive charge. The liner is held in place by a steel locking ring. The windshield is threaded to the locking ring and houses an insulator and wire eyelet connector assembly. The wire connector assembly connects the fuze with the control power supply housed in a two-piece windshield cap. The control power supply provides the point-initiating, base-detonating fuze with electrical energy The projectile is loaded with Composition B, and the fuze is fitted in a cavity of the explosive charge. The tracer is contained in the base plug and is assembled to a steel fuze locking cup in the base of the projectile. A sintered iron rotating band, forward of the base, provides spin and obturation. Cartridge Case M205 used in M409A2 and M409A1 is a two piece assembly of base and body made of high density felted nitrocellulose, inert fibers, and resin. The body, containing a bagged propelling charge, is attached to the projectile by a steel mounting ring and aluminum case locking ring. The base houses the electric ignition system and is cemented to the body with a special nitrocellulose lacquer. Cartridge Case M157 used in Cartridge M409 is similar to the M205 in shape and function, but is of a different non-metallic flammable material. The M157 case is more vulnerable to fracture on impact than the M205, and the igniter primer is of a different design, The body is attached to the projectile by epoxy resin and a case locking ring.

The M409A2 model has the improved M509A1 PIBD fuze and has the full frontal area impact switch enabling the projectile to be effective on all areas of the ogive.

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Collaborative Ordnance Data Repository

TM 43-0001-28, Artillery Ammunition (chg 11, 2003)