US Cartridge, 152mm TP-T, M411A1, M411A2, and M411A3




This cartridge is designed for training in gunnery and fire control with 152mm gun launchers.

Cartridges of the M411 series consist of a hollow projectile secured to a cartridge case of combustible material, and simulate for practice purposes the 152mm, HEAT-T-MP, M409 series. Model M411A3 (XM411E7) is inert except for a tracer in the base of the projectile for observation of the trajectory. The M205 cartridge case is filled with bagged propellant and is equipped with an electrical ignition element, Model M411A2 is identical with M411A3 except for use of the older M157 cartridge case and M91 electrical primer. M411A1 has a multipiece projectile including steel body, aluminum spike, and steel windshield.

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