US Cartridge, 20mm MP-T SD, M940




The cartridge is an improved fuzeless pyrotechnic initiated 20mm HE cartridge. The projectile consists of a heavy walled steel body charged with explosive mix and an incendiary mix, and an aluminum nose charged with another incendiary mix. The projectile also has safe and arming (S&A), tracer, and self-destroying which is initiated by heat from combustion of the tracer composition. The lack of fuze permits an enhanced aerodynamic ogive shape which results in a reduction in drag factor and reduced time of flight, thereby extending the effectiveness of the VADS from 1,200 meters to 2,000 meters against aircraft targets. The M940 will replace the 20mm M246 HEI-TSD as the primary air defense cartridge for the VADS and any of its improved versions.

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Collaborative Ordnance Data Repository

TM 43-0001-27, Small Caliber Ammunition (chg 7, 2004)