US Cartridge, 37mm AP-T, M74




As indicated by the nomenclature, this round does not have an armor-piercing cap. It was designed because the manufacture requires fewer operations and less material and can be accomplished with greater speed. It is effective against homogeneous armor plate, but is likely to ricochet or be deflected oh impact with face- hardened armor plate.

The Shot M74 is in the form of a solid steel slug, measuring 4.84 inches in length and weighing 1.92 pounds. It has a comparatively blunt nose, for the radius of ogive is 2.205 inches. A cavity is machined into the base for a tracer. This built-in tracer helps artillery crews to observe the fire of the weapon. The tracer assembly is the same as that described for the APC M51 Round. This M74 Shot is similar to the AP M80 Shot used in the 37mm Antiaircraft Gun M1A2. The complete rounds differ in respect to cartridge cases and propelling charges.

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