US Cartridge, 40mm AP-T, M81A1 and M81




This fixed ammunition is used in 40mm gun cannons for firing at armored and other protected targets.

The projectile for the M81A1 cartridge consists of a hardened steel monobloc slug, crimp fitted on the blunt ogival nose with a thin steel, streamlined windshield cap to reduce aerodynamic drag. A tracer element in the base of the projectile provides a visible trace for approximately 12 seconds. In addition, some lots of these cartridges are coated on the windshield with a compound designed to leave a vapor trail for about 1,000 yards. Such lots are intended for training only and not for use in combat except for emergency. A rotating band encircles the projectile near the base. A brass or steel cartridge case filled with loose propellant is crimped to the projectile. The case has an extractor rim base, and the base contains a percussion primer consisting of a perforated tube containing black powder and a percussion element.

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