US Cartridge, 40mm HE, M822




This cartridge with the proximity fuze is primarily used against low flying aircraft. It is fired from the Sgt York 40mm gun M247.

The projectile of this cartridge is made of alloy steel with tungsten pre-fragmented spheres. It is filled with Octol (120 g). This projectile is designed to fragment and disburse tungsten spheres upon detonation of explosive charge. The cartridge is brass and crimped to the projectile. The cartridge case contains approximately 500 grams of propellant. The base of the cartridge case contains a percussion primer containing black powder and a percussion element. The color of the projectile body is painted yellow with black markings. The projectile nose is threaded to receive the proximity fuze. The M766 proximity fuze is radar controlled and functions either upon target impact or when in close proximity to the target.

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