US Cartridge, 40mm HEI-T, SD, Mk 2




This fixed ammunition is used in 40mm gun cannons for firing against materiel.

The relatively thin-walled projectile contains a burster charge, an incendiary charge, a point-detonating fuze, and a self-destroying (SD) tracer. The projectile nose is threaded to receive the fuze. The SD tracer assembly is contained in the boat-tailed base of the projectile, which is internally threaded, and it extends approximately 0.6 inch beyond the base. The SD tracer consists of an igniting charge, a red tracer composition, and a relay igniting charge. The cartridge case, either brass or steel, is crimped rigidly to the projectile by means of a 360° crimp. The base of the cartridge case contains a percussion primer consisting of a perforated tube containing black powder and a percussion element.

Cartridges manufactured by the Navy may be distinguished by the painting on the fuzes. The fuze for the Navy HEI-T cartridge is painted red and white (red tip on fuze).

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