US Cartridge, 40mm Practice, M781




This cartridge is a fixed, practice type ammunition designed to be fired from 40mm Grenade Launchers M79 and M203 (attached to the M16 series rifle).

This cartridge is a fixed round of ammunition consisting of a metal projectile body with a rotating band and a cartridge case assembly. A hollow plastic ogive is filled with a high visibility yellow-orange dye. The projectile assembly is attached to a cartridge case with an attached adhesive substance. The case is a hollow bichambered plastic cylinder. A .38 caliber blank cartridge is press-fitted into the base of the cartridge case and provides the gas pressure needed to propel the projectile through the launcher barrel.

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Collaborative Ordnance Data Repository

TM 43-0001-28, Artillery Ammunition (chg 11, 2003)