US Cartridge, 4.2 inch HE, M3A1




This cartridge is used against personnel and materiel, providing both fragmentation and blast effect.

The complete round consists of a projectile body a fuze, and a tail assembly. The steel body is designed to accommodate an impact, delay, or proximity fuze. A deep fuze well in the nose, is fitted with a supplementary charge of TNT. This charge is removed to accommodate certain proximity fuzes. The tail assembly consists of a pressure plate and rotating disc, a propelling charge, a cartridge container and ignition cartridge, and a striker nut assembly.

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Cartridge, 4.2 inch HE, M3


Collaborative Ordnance Data Repository

TM 43-0001-28, Artillery Ammunition (chg 11, 2003)

TM 9-1300-203, Artillery Ammunition (1967)