US Cartridge, 4.2 inch Tactical CS, M630, XM630




This cartridge is used to harass personnel by emitting irritant fumes.

The complete round consists of a projectile body with a detachable base plug, a time fuze, and a tail assembly. The steel tube body is designed to accommodate an expelling charge immediately below the fuze, and the base plug is attached with four equally spaced shear pins. The body contains four canisters of CS pyrotechnic mix, each with a small charge of starter mix. An aluminum baffle separates the expelling charge from the canisters, and chipboard spacers separate the canisters from each other. The baffle, the spacers, and the canisters have a center hole allowing the flash from the expelling charge to provide ignition. The tail assembly includes a pressure plate and rotating disc, a propelling charge, a cartridge container and ignition cartridge, and a striker nut assembly.

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Collaborative Ordnance Data Repository

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