US Cartridge, 4.2 Inch Smoke WP, M328, M328A1




These are percussion-primed mortar cartridges with spin-stabilized projectiles. These cartridges are fired from mortars - the gas cartridges to produce casualty effects, and the smoke cartridges to produce screening or spotting smoke and incendiary effects.

The general arrangements of the M2A1 gas cartridge and the M328A1 smoke cartridge are shown in the figure. The M328A1 cartridge incorporates an integral burster and burster initiator. The perforated vane assures equal distribution of the filler during loading. The striker nut retains the ignition cartridge in the ignition cartridge container or the extension. In the M328A1 cartridge, the pin in the extension is in contact with the striker in the striker nut.

The M328 and M328B1 cartridges are similar to the M328A1 except for a different extension which is shown in the inset. The M2-series cartridges have no extension. Propellant increments may be present around the ignition cartridge container and extension of unfired cartridges.

Currently manufactured smoke cartridges have light green projectile bodies with one yellow band and light red identification markings. Smoke cartridges of earlier manufacture have gray bodies with one yellow band and yellow markings.

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