US Cartridge, 57mm HEAT, M307, M307A1




This cartridge is employed against armored targets and used with 57mm Rifles M18 and M18A1.

HEAT Cartridge M307A1 includes a perforated metal cartridge case containing a plastic liner and a percussion primer and is crimped to the projectile just behind the pre-engraved rotating band of the projectile. The projectile forward cap is threaded to receive a point detonating fuze. A hemispherical copper liner crimped to the interior of the projectile forms a shaped charge to the rear and space forward to provide the standoff necessary for penetration. A steel sleeve brazed to the neck of the copper liner provides a passage from the fuze to a booster pellet in the base of the projectile. The booster pellet extends into the high explosive charge.

M307 uses a paper-lined Cartridge Case M30 and Percussion Primer M46.

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