US Cartridge, 60mm Smoke WP, M302




This smoke cartridge is fired in 60mm mortars M2 or M19 and is used for screening and spotting.

The complete round consists of a projectile with a PD fuze, a fin assembly four propellant increments, an ignition cartridge, and a percussion primer. The projectile body is of relatively thin-walled steel construction with cylindrical side walls, a conical base, and is filled with a charge of white phosphorous. The projectile base is internally threaded to accept the fin assembly. The projectile nose is fitted with a steel adapter, threaded to accept the fuze and designed to hold the casing of the burster assembly. One of two types of burster assemblies is used, differing only in the construction of the steel burster casing. Both carry the same designation. The burster charge consists of tetryl pellets under pressure, and the burster casing is press-fitted into the adapter in the projectile nose.

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