US Cartridge, 75mm Blank, Single Pellet Charge




This blank ammunition is provided for simulated firing.

A complete round consists of a cartridge case containing an M1B1A2 primer and a single pellet of compressed black powder weighing 0.43 pound. The cartridge case may be either the M9A1 or an M18 case cut to about 60 percent of the service length. The black powder pellet, which has a hole in the center, fits over the primer. The pellet is wrapped in cellophane for protection and secured against the cartridge case by a chipboard tube which is held in position by a closing cup assembly. The closing cup is cemented in position about 2.75 inches from the cartridge case mouth.

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TM 9-1300-203, Artillery Ammunition (1967)

TM 9-1300-203, Artillery Ammunition (1967)