US Cartridge, 75mm HE, Mk 1




This complete round, which is not boresafe, weighs 16.5 pounds. It is no longer being manufactured, its present status being as a limited standard substitute for the SHELL, HE, M48, in 75-mm field guns.

This design of shell is an adaptation of the French M1900, and represents the older type of shell in use before the streamlined shape was developed.

It has a radius of ogive of 1.5 calibers, a copper rotating band, no fringing groove, two grooves behind the rotating band for stab crimping of the cartridge case to the projectile, a square base, and a base plate of brass covering a lead plate. The base plate is crimped to the base of the projectile. The nose does not take the fuzes directly but requires an adapter, to which is also fitted the booster. The bursting charge is 1.64 pounds of TNT.

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