US Cartridge, 75mm HEAT-T, M310, M310A1




This cartridge is fired in 75mm recoilless rifles against armored targets.

This cartridge consists of a perforated metal cartridge case, containing a plastic liner, crimped to a high explosive antitank projectile. The liner is loosely filled with propellant, with an igniter charge on top, and all retained by a distance wad. A percussion primer is fitted in the base with an igniter tube extending through the propelling charge. The hollow steel projectile of M310A1 is filled with Composition B around an internal copper cone to shape the charge. The nose of the shell is covered by a windshield threaded to a steel nose adapter. The space within the cone, adapter, and windshield provide the appropriate standoff distance for the shaped charge. The base of the projectile carries a base-detonating fuze. A rotating band near the base is pre-engraved to match the weapon rifling.

M310 has a paper-lined cartridge case and the projectile is 50/50 pentolite loaded. There is no igniter charge in the propelling charge.

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