US Cartridge, 75mm Smoke, M89




The complete round of Shell, Smoke, M89, differs in appearance from any round of ammunition previously described. The complete round has the shape of a candle, for there is no ogive to improve ballistic properties, but only a blunt, perpendicular, slug-like stub. The complete round weighs 9.83 pounds and is approximately 20.25 inches in length. Because of its method of emitting smoke, the shell is termed a “base-emission” or “base ignition” shell. This is abbreviated to “BI” in the nomenclature.

The Smoke Shell M89, with its squared off nose, resembles an ordinary tin can more than an artillery projectile. It is in the shape of a cylinder 7.49 inches long, and weighing 6.61 pounds, loaded. The shell consists of a tube and base which together constitute the body, and a charge of HC smoke.

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