US Cartridge, 75mm Smoke WP, M311, M311A1




This cartridge is used in 75mm recoilless rifles for screening and spotting.

The cartridge consists of a perforated metal cartridge case containing a plastic liner which is crimped to a hollow steel projectile. The liner is filled with loose propellant and an igniter charge is positioned on top of the propellant. A percussion primer is assembled in the base of the cartridge case. The igniter tube of the primer extends through the propelling charge. The projectile is filled with white phosphorous. The projectile has a pre- engraved rotating band near the base. Two bourrelets, one behind the ogive and one just ahead of the rotating band, provide bearing surfaces for the projectile in the weapon barrel. An adapter at the nose accommodates the burster tube and is threaded to accept the point detonating fuze. The burster tube holds a tetryl charge and is press fitted into the adapter to seal in the WP projectile contents.

M311 has a paper-lined cartridge case, and does not have the igniter charge on top of the propelling charge.

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