US Cartridge, 76mm HEAT-T, M496



This fixed ammunition cartridge is used in 76mm gun cannons against heavily armored targets.

The projectile is a hollow, steel shell tapered at the rear and fitted on the nose with a standoff spike containing a piezoelectric element. The shell is filled with high explosive fitted around an internal copper cone. The apex of the cone is to the rear, thus shaping the charge. The base of the projectile is closed by an adapter which also provides a seat for the fuze. A boom and fin assembly is assembled to the adapter (for stabilization in flight) and a tracer element is located in the fin assembly. A point-initiating, base-detonating (PIBD) fuze is located in the adapter. A brass cartridge case containing a single-base propellant and a percussion primer is crimped to the projectile. A distinguishing characteristic of these rounds is the cartridge case-over-band construction. The specially designed rotating band has a crimping groove which permits the cartridge case to be assembled over the rotating band and rigidly crimped to it.

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