US Cartridge, 76mm Smoke WP, M361, M361A1, T140E2




This fixed ammunition is used in 76mm guns for screening and spotting tire. The cartridge also has a slight incendiary effect.

The projectile body is a thin walled, forged steel casing. The point-detonating fuzed projectile contains a white phosphorous (WP) filler and a combination one-piece aluminum burster casing and adapter. The burster casing houses a projectile burster and a burster initiator loaded with tetrytol. The brass or steel cartridge case assembled to the projectile contains a single-base propellant and a percussion primer. A distinguishing characteristic of these rounds is the cartridge case-over-band construction. The specially designed rotating band has a crimping groove which permits the cartridge case to be assembled over the rotating band and rigidly crimped to it.

The M361 is similar to the M361A1 except that the burster is contained in a two-piece steel casing and the adapter is a separate component. Also, the M361A1 includes a tracer assembly in the base of the projectile.

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