US Cartridge, 81mm HE, M45




The body of this shell is constructed of forged steel. It is cylindrical in shape, having a tapered nose and tail. It has a bourrelet machined on the body near the tail which serves as a rear bearing surface and a gas check. There is no bourrelet at the front of the shell. The nose is threaded to receive an adapter.

The adapter is threaded to receive the fuze well cup and fuze. The use of an adapter bushing allows the shell to be loaded with less difficulty and also permits the use of the same fuze for the 81mm and 60mm shells. The fuze used is the PD M45 having a selective setting for either superquick or delay action. The base of the shell is closed and threaded so as to receive a stabilizer assembly. The shell filler is 4.48 pounds of TNT.

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