US Cartridge, 81mm Smoke, WP, M57, M57A1




This cartridge is used against personnel and materiel as an incendiary device and also to produce screening smoke.

The complete round consists of a projectile body with a burster assembly, a point detonating fuze, a fin assembly a propellant charge, and an ignition cartridge with a percussion primer. The projectile body is of relatively thin-walled steel, and is filled with white phosphorous (WP) or a liquid smoke filler (FS). The base of the projectile is internally threaded to accept the fin assembly, and the nose is fitted with a steel adapter. The adapter is internally threaded to accept the fuze, and is designed to hold the burster assembly. The burster assembly is a thin-walled steel tube filled with tetryl and extends into the smoke charge.

The M57 is fitted with the M4 fin assembly and the M57A1 uses the M4A1 assembly. These differ in minor manufacturing details only. Cartridges with liquid smoke filler (FS) are classified as obsolete.

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