US Cartridge, 90mm Canister, Antipersonnel, M590 (XM590E1)




This cartridge is used in 90mm recoilless rifles for close-in defense against massed attack by infantry, or for attacking enemy troops concealed by vegetation.

The cartridge consists of an aluminum cartridge case crimped to an aluminum canister filled with steel flechettes. The cartridge case is unperforated and the base contains a rupture disk. A percussion primer is assembled through the rupture disk into a perforated flash tube that is threaded into the base of the canister. The cartridge case is filled with double base propellant in a silk bag arranged around the primer tube. The canister projectile has a blunt forward end and a heavy aluminum base with three bleed holes to the cartridge case. The sides are scored to facilitate splitting when the round is fired.

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