US Cartridge, 90mm HE, XM591




HE cartridge XM591 is designed for close-in use against massed personnel and provides an offensive capability against exposed personnel and light materiel. The projectile is fabricated from pearlitic malleable iron.

This cartridge consists of a cartridge case M112 attached to a PD fuzed projectile. The projectile is a modification of an 81mm projectile. In order to effect accommodation to the 90mm weapon, an aluminum sabot equipped with a plastic obturating band is fitted to the rear of the projectile. The sabot is supported by an aluminum adapter. A threaded cavity at the rear of the adapter mates with the external threads of a finned, hollow aluminum tail boom, perforated to serve as a flash tube for igniting the bagged propelling charge positioned around it. The percussion primer is located inside the tail boom.

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TM 9-1300-203, Artillery Ammunition (1967)