US Cartridge, 90mm HEAT-T M431 (T300E59), M431A1 and M431A2




This cartridge is intended for use in 90mm guns against armored targets.

The projectile consists of a steel body, a threaded stand-off spike assembly an aluminum chamber, and a fin and boom assembly. A funnel-shaped liner contained in the body shapes the high-explosive charge. The chamber adapts the fin and boom assembly to the body and contains the base-detonating fuze. The projectile is fitted with a plastic obturator band. The nose cap, containing a piezoelectric element, is fitted to the spike assembly. The tracer is threaded to the fin. The cartridge case base is fitted with a threaded loading plug and a percussion primer.

The M431A1 is similar to the M431 except that the cartridge case contains a wax impregnated titanium dioxide (TiO2) liner designed to reduce gun wear. A TiO2 additive liner with high melt wax and a mylar barrier is used on the M431A2.

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